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Research Studies

Effectively Treating Erectile Dysfunction in Fort Myers, FL

It is probably safe to say that erectile dysfunction is not something men want to think about. However, studies show that approximately 5-60% of men experience erectile dysfunction after the age of 40, depending on their age group. This is a physical condition but it can also impact a man's emotional/mental health. Because erectile dysfunction affects a man's ability to perform during intimate times, it can lead to embarrassment and low self-esteem.

While it may be a tough subject for men to discuss with their doctors, help is available for those affected by the disorder. Southwest Florida Medical Group is one of the area's leading erectile dysfunction clinics; and we have had success treating erectile dysfunction in Fort Myers, FL. We specialize in the SwissWave Protocol, which uses acoustic waves to repair damaged soft tissue and improve blood flow. When we see patients like you, our goal is to effectively treat your condition and improve your sex life.

Our erectile dysfunction doctors have the skills and state-of-the-art tools to restore your sexual health. If you want to explore other options, we recommend that you read the following about some of the latest research studies on erectile dysfunction.

Important Research On Erectile Dysfunction

1. Evaluation of the clinical efficacy of Acoustic Wave Therapy. Download Research Study #1

2. Low-intensity Acoustic Wave treatments improve erectile function. Download Research Study #2

3. Detailed study on nonsurgical treatments for erectile dysfunction. Download Research Study #3

4. Advancements in a curative therapy for erectile dysfunction. Download Research Study #4

5. Low intensity extracorporeal Acoustic Wave Therapy for erectile dysfunction. Download Research Study #5

6. Acoustic Wave Therapy works for patients who respond poorly to a PDE5 inhibitor. Download Research Study #6

7. A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Download Research Study #7

8. Low-energy Acoustic Wave Therapy is the second revolution in treatment. Download Research Study #8

9. The angiogenic properties of extracorporeal Acoustic Wave Therapy. Download Research Study #9

10. Low-intensity Acoustic Wave treatment has been investigated for clinical and physiological effects. Download Research Study #10

Contact us for more information about the research being done on erectile dysfunction. We proudly serve Fort Myers, FL, and surrounding areas.